Getting Invisalign has me in touch with my inner tween

Getting Invisalign has me in touch with my inner tween

I'm having serious flashbacks to my tween and teen years because a few days ago, I got my first Invisalign trays.

Yup, I decided that middle age was a good time to tackle my smile. Usually orthodonture is more of a tween/teen issue, and I've already had braces twice, once as a tween and again as a teen, but no retainer means that my pearly whites have a mind of their own and they aren't exactly falling into line nicely.

My dentist recommended getting Invisalign and after giving it some thought, I took the plunge. I went from having a vague memory of how braces felt to remembering exactly what it feels like.

On the plus side, Invisalign doesn't have any wires. Nothing is poking me. Hooray! However, when you stick a few foreign objects in your mouth for the long term and start moving teeth, you know that something is going on.

I acknowledge that this is certainly a first world problem, and it's really not so bad. It's not painful, but it doesn't feel fantastic, either.

The orthodontists and written materials all say you may experience some discomfort and they're not lying. It is uncomfortable, maybe even a little ouchy, and that can make one a little cranky.

It can also make you a wee bit irrational.

"What if it doesn't feel good again for the next year?"

Couple that thought with a bit of self consciousness and I realized that I was fully in touch with my inner tween.(Sorry, family!)

Of course it won't be ouchy forever. A couple Advil and a few days and I'm sure it'll be all good.

Until that happens, though, I thought it was worth a friendly reminder to use a little extra TLC and a bit more patience when dealing with kids (or grown-ups) who just got braces.

A little reassurance that a) it will feel better in a few days, and b) the whole program won't last forever and the results will make for a healthier, happy mouth with a nice smile wouldn't hurt, either.

Here are some other tips and tactics for smooth sailing through orthodontic treatment:

Do you have any ways that you comfort a new braces getter?

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