Today is my blogiversary and I have something to say: Thank you

Today is my blogiversary and I have something to say: Thank you

Dear Tween Us Readers,

Today is my blogiversary. On this date three years, I published my first post on Tween Us. (You can read the very first post on the definition of "tween" here, even if it does make me cringe just a bit.)

I have to admit that I had no idea where this blog would go, and I'm pretty sure I didn't think it would last a full three years. What I am certain of is that back in 2012, I had no idea the impact that it would have on my life.

If you've been following along here for a while, you know I'm big on thank you notes, and I want to say thank you to Tween Us readers.

Thank you for reading. I'm grateful each and every time you lay eyes on this page.

Thank you for making this not just a website but a community, an awesome one that is supportive and encouraging and helpful.

I adore that both here and on the Tween Us Facebook page people often say "me, too," myself included. Those are two very powerful words. Knowing someone else is in the same boat and that you're not alone can make all the difference.

Thank you for making me feel far less alone on this part of my parenting path. Thank you for sharing of yourself.

We've bonded a bit over the fact that tween parents don't have quite the common denominators nor the internet presence of the toddler set. But in this space we have found each other, and have shared both laughs and frustrations.

Thank you for seeing Tween Us as a conversation.

I love that there is an exchange of ideas, and that you share your different perspectives. I'm grateful that when you disagree with me, you do so respectfully. (The choice words for the trolls will be the topic of another post, on another day.)

Thank you for being kind.

Tween Us readers are dedicated, loving parents, and they are also just really good people. I cannot express how your messages saying thank you and offering kind words of support mean to me.

Thank you for understanding that I need to protect my daughter's privacy.

Being a writer and the parent of a 12-year-old is a fine line to walk, and I've been told that this blog could never succeed because I was not sharing the ins and outs of my daughter's daily life. To the contrary, this blog has thrived, and that's due in part to you knowing that I'm here to share my experience as a parent.

That doesn't mean that there aren't stories that I am dying want to share, but they are her stories, not mine. Sometimes it's hard to realize that, but it is also hugely important.

So for now, I'll keep sharing my stories and I'll continue to be incredibly grateful for your readership and support. My tween will become a teen this summer. Pardon me while I swallow hard, take a deep breath and shake my head at how fast the time has gone because starting this blog when I had a 9-year-old feels like it was not more than a few days ago.

People are asking me if I'll keep writing, what will happen to the blog, and if it stays, will I keep the name Tween Us. I'd love to hear your thoughts on what the future of this space should be.

Thank you for reading and for being awesome.



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