Printable Christmas scavenger hunt clues for present finding fun

Printable Christmas scavenger hunt clues for present finding fun

Update: Find a complete list of 46 clues and printable versions here.

It's that time of year again - the trees are lit, the stocking are hung, presents are bought, and the scavenger hunt clues are done. It wouldn't be Christmas in our house without the traditional Christmas scavenger hunt for presents.

Having to follow clues and search all over (and sometimes outside) the house is a tradition for my family, and for many others.  Here are 10 new Christmas scavenger hunt clues to keep your kids guessing and draw out the gift giving.

The clues on this page go to different locations in the house than past hunts. Speaking of, those, you can find them  hereherehere, and here.

You can combine these with those clues to have an epic hunt this year. Make the kids work for the presents, I say.

Click on the image below or click here for the pdf. Print the clues and you're ready to go, or you can adjust these however you like: leave more blanks so older kids have to complete the rhyme, or fill it in for younger ones. If you're a cool digital parent, you could even send them via text message. We're old school, so we'll print the scavenger hunt clues, cut them out, surreptitiously place them and let the fun begin!

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

I've also included them below as text with full clues written out in case you need help solving or if you want to cut and paste it into a Word document and make them a bit harder.

It's worth noting that these are fun for all ages. I received a sweet email from a man this week saying that his children had requested that he do a hunt for them this Christmas, and then he noted "they're 34, 32 and 28 yrs old!"

Many people do this on Christmas Eve when the excitement is just too much and it leads to just one present. Some families send the kids on a hunt for their holiday pajamas, sometimes in is a family gift like a game that can be played that night, or it can be whatever you like. If you need gift ideas, check out the Tween Us gift guide and get some other ideas here and suggestions for cheap gifts here.

When the hunt is over, consider watching one of these Christmas television specials or festive holiday films or making this easy and quick holiday fudge recipe.

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2014 Christmas Scavenger Hunt Clues

The elves are so festive wearing suits of red and green.
Your next clue is where your backpack was last seen.

Santa has a sleigh full of presents he needs to give,
And you should check where your clean, folded clothes live.

You are certainly hoping to be on the list of kids who have been nice.
You may want to check where you can find the ice.

A present is great, and it’s nice to also get a Christmas card.
Head right now out to the front yard.

Rudolph is the lead reindeer because his nose can be seen.
For your next clue, check inside the washing machine.

Remember how the Bumble in Rudolph lived in a cave?
He had to heat his food over a fire because he had no microwave.

Everyone knows that Santa and Mrs Claus reside at the North Pole,
But you may be surprised at what is in your cereal bowl.

Holly leaves are deep green, and the berries are red.
Your next clue is under your bed.

Are you using your brain yet? Good! These clues are designed to make you think.
You can find the next one under the kitchen sink.

You’ve looked high and low but sadly, there’s not a gift in sight.
Check under the Christmas tree and remember Santa’s parting words: “To all a good night!”

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