Happy 12-13-14!

Happy 12-13-14!

Today is December 13, 2014.  That makes the date 12-13-14. Cool, right?

But it's more than cool, it's the very last time this century that the there will be a sequential date. There's no 13th month, so no chance of 13-14-15.

Today, 12-13-14, will be the last sequential date written MM-DD-YY for 89 years, meaning it is likely the last time many of us will see it in our lifetime.

Fear not, though! There will, however, be fun calendar dates to come, like January 1, 2034, which is 1-2-34.

"12-13-14 is also unique because it is made of four sequential digits 1, 2, 3 and 4," Prof. Aziz Inan from the University of Portland told NBC News. "Among the first 11 such sequential dates that already occurred in this century, only 01-02-03 possesses the same property."

Other than lots of weddings scheduled for today, there isn't a whole lot of celebratory significance to the day, but I trust you to make it special. Kids definitely think it's cool.

This is also a good chance to explain why today is not of the same significance in Europe, where they write the date differently. Instead of writing month-day-year, they do it day-month-year. For them, today is 13-12-14.

Following that way of writing the date, the next sequential day will be Feb. 1, 2103.

I may have learned about the European way of writing the date the hard way when I was in London and trying to get a pass for the Tube that was good until August 11th, 8/11. I could not understand why the man was charging me so much more than I expected. Then I realized the pass was good until November, but I had no idea why. To the Tube worker who thought I was incredibly stupid in 1997, I apologize.

Happy 12-13-14, everyone!

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