Review of 13 pumpkin desserts at Trader Joe's

I don't know who the pumpkin PR people are, but they have done a bang up job making them an integral part of autumn, particularly when it comes to our palates. There are pumpkin-flavored items everywhere.

Trader Joe's has certainly hopped on the pumpkin bandwagon and while I know there are some pumpkin haters out there, but they are clearly not among the Trader Joe's purchasers. Their shelves are stocked with everything pumpkin you could possibly want.

I decided to explore those pumpkin dessert offerings in a bit more detail to help out those debating between the Pumpkin Joe-Joe's and the pumpkin macarons, or the pumpkin pie, the mini pies and the cheesecake. Here's a review of 13 pumpkin desserts at Trader Joe's.

What's your favorite pumpkin dessert?

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This is not a sponsored post. Well, I did get the aforementioned free cookie, and I could happily work for cookies, but that isn't a situation I've been able to make happen yet. The free cookie wasn't at all connected to me writing about it. I wrote this because I love both Trader Joe's and pumpkin items (but not all of them). Neither Trader Joe nor the folks tending his pumpkin patch have any idea who I am, and I'm pretty certain that they aren't reading this blog, sadly.

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