Banned Books Week: 9 middle grade books that have been banned

Banned Books Week is observed the last week of September and it celebrates the freedom to read as well as the value of free and open access to information. The event hopes to draw national attention to the harms of censorship. Books popular with tweens are often challenged, often for explicit language or sexual situations.

See some of the books popular with tweens past and present that people have tried to ban

Whether a tween is ready for a certain book depends on the individual child.

"Emotional readiness and previous exposure to a similar type of subject matter — those seem like key elements to me in determining whether a young person can handle a book,” Suzanne Collins told the Washington Post.

I agree with what ChicagoNow blogger LitzyDitz said in her post on Banned Books Week , "[P]arents play an important role in guiding what their own children should read. I understand if a parent of a seventh grader is uncomfortable with their child reading a book with explicit language or sexual situations. But I also think parenting roles apply to just your own set of kids."

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