Shark Week products and promotions, from Rob Lowe to Dunkin Donuts to Cold Stone

Shark Week products and promotions, from Rob Lowe to Dunkin Donuts to Cold Stone
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Shark Week is coming! The annual event begins on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, August 10th. The excitement is building and Shark Week is popping up everywhere. Check out the many Shark Week products and promotions, from ice cream to soap and everything in between. (And if you want facts about sharks, click here.)

Even for Rob Lowe, Shark Week is an event. Check out how he's getting in on the act:

While he's obviously doing some awesome promo work for the network, Lowe's not appearing in any Discovery Channel Shark Week specials, according to Entertainment Weekly.

That sad fact may call for some ice cream to make you feel better, and Cold Stone Creamery has you covered on that front. When I was there last week, they not only offered The Shark Week Frenzy, which is Blue Sweet Cream Ice Cream mixed with Graham Cracker Pier Crust and Gummy Sharks.


Dunkin Donuts is ion the action, too, with Shark Bite Donuts for Shark Week. They feature white and red icing designed to resemble a life preserver.


If you're dealing with tween hygiene and odor issues, or if you just want to play in the bath yourself, maybe shark fin soap will do the trick. Check out these bars from Lush, which says: "Created for Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, its softening seaweed, scrubby fine sea salt and zesty lime oil make it a refreshing way to cool down this summer.


If you need other fun Shark Week products, like the shark slippers below, Shark Week lamps, or a 7-foot inflatable shark, check out the more than 100 Shark Week products available on the

00283694-707773_283Tween Us is not about to miss out on the action.  Tween Us kicks off Shark Week right now.  We're running Shark Week a week early to ensure that you are fully prepared for the real thing. Check back throughout the week to get shark facts, some educational activities featuring sharks and a first hand account of our behind the scenes experience feeding the sharks at Chicago's Shedd Aquarium.

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