Must see: Little League World Series Coach Dave Belisle's inspiring postgame pep talk

There are so many great stories to emerge from the Little League World Series, from female pitching phenom Mo'Ne Davis from Philadelphia to the Jackie Robinson West squad from Chicago. One stand out for me is this truly wonderful speech by Cumberland American Head Coach Dave Belisle.

Jackie Robinson West had just eliminated in a heartbreaking loss to Belisle's team, eliminating them from the Little League World Series and ending their season. The tweens on Cumberland American were devastated, but in his post-game talk to them, Coach Belisle said all the right words. All of them.

It's worth watching with your tween, though you may want to have tissues handy. I admit that I needed one.

I wish every tween athlete had a coach, mentor and cheerleader like this who clearly knows what is important and who inspires his kids. The lessons he touches on are so hugely important on both the baseball field and in life.

Little League World Series Coach Dave Belisle's inspiring postgame pep talk has inspired me to change my parenting focus a bit. I really liked his focus on pride, the first point he made to his players.

He said, "I'm gonna bring back with me and the coaching staff are gonna bring back and you guys are gonna bring back something no other team can provide but you guys, and that's pride. Pride. You're gonna take that for the rest of our life, what you provided for a town in Cumberland."

In our house, we talk about who helped us today and how we helped others, but I think the start of the new school year is a good time to mix that up a bit and also ask my tween about what she did that day that she's most proud of.

She doesn't have to ace a test to be proud of the effort put in to learning, and she doesn't have to be the most popular girl in school to be proud of being kind to the kid who needed a friend that day.

While I try to tell her that I'm proud of her, I will make an effort to do a better job of telling her what specifically she did that day that made me proud to be her mom.

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