Why you shouldn't get sucked into the back to school onslaught yet

Why you shouldn't get sucked into the back to school onslaught yet
Image by Shahnoor Habib Munmun on Wikimedia Commons

July 15th has come and gone, and it feels like that means the summer is over. We are now firmly planted in the season I believe is called "pre-fall."

I say this, because of the school supply ad I just saw on the television, the back to school section that now takes up a large portion of the local big box store, and the arrival of the fall program guide from the park district.

Good luck trying to find pool toys or picnic items. All that was left in the clearance section where the beach towels and pool noodles used to be were placemats with surf boards that were 90% off. (And yes, at $0.19, I did buy some.)

The summer fun items are gone, no where to be found despite the forecast of 88 and sunny. Apparently marketers decided summer is over.


I am a Type A person. I usually don't mind advanced planning. In fact, it often makes me feel happy to do so. But within reason.

This onslaught is too much.

Side note: I know some places in the South start school in mid or even early August and perhaps this is not out of the realm of reason for them. Okay. But does it have to be nationwide? I say no. Store managers know full well when school in their area begins and they should be given latitude to adjust.

It's also not just the back to school season. It's that Christmas in July now means putting out the Christmas supplies in July and leaving them for the next five months.

There is no need for tinsel before the first frost. None.

Why do I care? Why not just ignore it?

* Because living in the moment is hard enough already.

It's especially hard today, with so much distraction, technology, and business. Focus is hard for kids. Teaching them to focus on what they need to do today, tomorrow, the next week is tough enough without them thinking months down the road.

I love the idea of everything having its own season. This is not a new concept. What is new is the need to prepare for that season seasons ahead, and it starts a cycle that makes us forget what it is actually really time for, or what the right season is. Our kids are going to think "for everything there is a season, and it must be prepared for at least one season in advance." That's not okay.

* Because I think it is a ploy just to make money off of stressing people out.

It may just be me, but I also think that it is possibly playing off the mommy wars and the race to see who is done shopping first, who got the best selection

* Because I want my child to soak up every minute of summer.

These are sweet days. I want her to savor them. I want to watch her savor them.

So step back, back to school, your time will come. Just not now.

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