Tween and teen conversation starter: What's on your bucket list?

Tween and teen conversation starter: What's on your bucket list?

What do chickens, Pawn Stars and hair donation all have in common?

If you first thought, "Not much at all," you're right. But they did all end up on my tween's bucket list.

I had no idea that my tween even had a bucket list until I found it peeking out of a night stand drawer a few weeks ago. I talked about my surprising discovery, and the additional surprise that came when I saw some of the items she included on it at Chicago Parent.

Some of her items were especially thoughtful or generous, while others were hilarious. Some of them were downright confounding in ways that only tweens can be.

For example, I love that she listed "learn 3 or 4 languages." Why, then, does she resist all my efforts to help her learn Spanish? (That rhythmic sound you may hear is me banging my head against the wall as I wonder why I bothered with Spanish class for years when she was younger.)  I'm hopeful that next year's French teacher will be more successful.

Try asking your kids, "What's on your bucket list?" as a conversation starter at dinner some evening. It might give you new insight into their goals and dreams. It's possible that you and your kids may have some of the same items on your lists.

In addition to being a great conversation starter, it's a chance to talk about setting goals and what's required to achieve them, as well as the importance of priorities. (Also, maybe mention that The Bucket List was a movie. My tween had no idea.)

Check out some of the interesting items that made my kid's bucket list here, and let me know if you would let your tween or teen keep chickens in the back yard.

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