8 great educational apps for tweens

8 great educational apps for tweens

It's Tech Tuesday and, while we often focus on the scary apps that parents need to be aware of, of course there are fabulous educational uses for technology, and other wonderful benefits, too. Today, we're focusing on some excellent educational apps for tweens with  a roundup of posts from  some of my favorite online resources.

* Check out the Common Sense Media post Best Apps for Kids Ages 9-11 that "provide a rich world of entertainment for growing minds." I'm particularly intrigued by the All-in-1 Logic Gamebox. Common Sense Media is a non-profit organization that seeks to "provide trustworthy information and tools ... so that families can have a choice and a voice about the media they consume" and it is one of my favorite resources for reviews of apps and their age appropriateness.

Their Math Apps list is good for all ages and I want to test out NineGaps, which it bills as a "race against time to place numbers in equations grid." geography

* Another fun list is 8 Best Apps for Tweens on Mom.me from the ladies behind Cool Mom Tech. It includes Minecraft Pocket Edition - remember that experts have said Minecraft can be quite educational. Geography Drive USA calls itself the "map traveling fact and trivia game" and you can bet I will be downloading for our spring break trip.

6a010534998f56970b019b011338dd970d-300wi* A site worth checking out is FunEducationalApps.com which often focuses on free apps, most recently Chemio which is especially appropriate for my tween who has been learning about the Periodic Table, and World's Worst Pet, a vocabulary app targeting kids ages 9 to 14.

The site's reviewers of World's Worst Pet liked "that words are appear multiple time in various activities to see words in various contexts, perfect to enhance learning and establish word relationships."

* The Middle School category of presidentsaliensBestAppsforKids.com offers apps spanning a variety of academic subjects, including math, vocabulary and social studies. They find apps with some of the best titles. Who doesn't want to learning all kinds of facts about our American presidents with Presidents vs. Aliens.

Mission: MATH… Sabotage at the Space Station also sounds pretty fun, though at $7.99 it is one of the pricier apps.

These apps can be fun and educational, making the most of screen time and giving you a chance to talk to them about why they like and don't like about the app and the subject it covers. Consider challenging them to a friend face-off and see just how much they're learning and a chance to connect. Have an appy day! (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

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