Fast, cheap and simple Halloween costume ideas that work for all ages

Fast, cheap and simple Halloween costume ideas that work for all ages

Tweens are often not ready to give up the idea of dressing up for Halloween. Whether or not they are too old for trick or treating, chances are there's a costume party or school event or just wanting to be festive that puts them in the spirit. But a lot of costumes are seen as too babyish. For a lot of girls, the "naughty" whatever costumes are too revealing. A lot of times costumes are just too expensive.

Here are costume idea sources for outfits that require no sewing and are easy enough that a tween (or any craft-challenged adult) could put them together. It won't take days to assemble them, nor will they break the bank. These costumescheap, and be inexpensive I mean some of them I'm sure you can do with items you already have on hand. More money for candy!

1. Movies. There have been some fun movies, and tweens still have favorites that they can watch over and over again. One of my favorite costumes this year is the Minion costume. Who doesn't love the minions? And while you can buy the costume (move quickly, several websites are sold out and I could not find it in our Chicago suburb), it wouldn't be hard to make with a yellow shirt, overalls and goggles. This is a good option if you have a group that wants to go together. The more minions, the better. (And they say "butt," which kids, including most tweens, love to say.) Or just go as a movie goer - wear the 3D glasses, carry a box of popcorn and shush anyone who gets out a phone.

2. Olympics. thumb.aspxDon't forget that the Winter Olympics are coming up, so perhaps just a generic Team USA member with a gold medal would work. I'd actually be more likely go for making a silver medal that you can make with tin foil already in the cupboard. You could use duct tape to make a jacket into a Team USA item if needed. Or if your child is likely to wear a Team USA jacket or shirt again, it could help justify the cost. This is an easy one to do as a group, be it a family or with co-workers.

3. News. Kids might not be huge fans of current events, but they are often more aware than we realize. Slap on some dress up clothes, make a fake microphone and you're good to go as your favorite news anchor or weather person. Boys can put on a suit and go as one of the guys on ESPN's Game Day or SportsCenter. Or use the news makers as your inspiration. (See the next suggestion.)

4. Politicians are as easy as news reporters. Keep the suit, work on the firm handshake and consider carrying around a baby doll to kiss at opportune moments. Do politicians still kiss babies? Or depending on how you kid feels about the shutdown, you could incorporate that in your politician outfit. What about going as a government employee by wearing a sign that says "Shutdown" or "Non-essential" and looking very sad, or with empty pockets turned out?

5. Sports - either athlete or coach.  Chances are that they have a jersey of their favorite player already, or have a jersey that can doctored by changing the name on the back and adding a new logo. Coaches are particularly easy to do. Go with either a hat or visor of the favorite team and a shirt or jacket of the particular team and add a clipboard and perhaps head phones as a headset (depending on the sport) and you're ready. And there's also the superfan option, too.

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6. Television. I know, this isn't rocket science, BUT it's tried and true. Favorite character from a television show? No, the neighbors will dancing judgeshave no idea who the Disney Channel character is, but that's okay, especially because your kid can likely put together the outfit from their closet. Free is good! Another option is going a a favorite reality television competition judge. There are a lot to choose from, but Dancing with the Stars judges would be really fun with the paddles that they use to indicate their scores. Throw on a fancy dress or a suit, make a paddle and don the appropriate accent - viola! Good to go! Or if you have a dancer, see if there's an acceptable recital costume, make your own mirror ball trophy and head out as a champion.

7. Animals.  Animals are pretty easy costumes to improvise and that do not need sewing. My tween has toyed with wearing green sweats and painting a big cardboard box to be a turtle shell. White sweats and a black marker (or fabric paint if you're feeling fancy) can be a cow and you can do a farmer costume to go with it, or get a group of friends together to go as a farm. Group costumes are lots of fun for tweens. Here are cow costume instructions using spray glue instead and a blown up glove for an udder (I shudder to think what tweens would do that but hey, it's a holiday!)

8. Blogs have great ideas. Toilet-Paper-Mummy-131x300My fellow ChicaogoNow bloggers are all over Halloween costumes. Old School Halloween Costumes from Quilting! Sewing! Creating! or Quick, Easy and Cheap Halloween Costumes from Listing Toward 40.The latter posts includes the tried and true toilet paper mummy and clothes on backward costumes as well as some other more creative options, though not all are tween-friendly. Or check out last year's Tween Us post for some ideas, including my favorite group costume ever, Sherwood Forest. Just wear t-shirt and jeans and attach leaves and/or duct tape a few branches to the shirt. Are you a parent looking to get in on the act, but without much effort?

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