Where to donate leftover Halloween candy

Where to donate leftover Halloween candy

Ever heard a tween say, "Oh, I really should brush my teeth after having all that candy" or "Perhaps I should wait before eating another Kit Kat, don't want to spoil my dinner"? Yeah, neither have I.

If you have more candy around your house than your family can or should consume, consider having your child(ren) donate leftover Halloween candy.

Our orthodontist is doing a candy buy back program. She'll give kids some kind of undetermined treat in exchange for the candy and she'll donate the candy she collects to our troops. To find a dentist near you that's participating, check out Halloween Candy Buyback, which supports Operation Gratitude. You can search by location in the top right of their website.  If there isn't anyone in your area, you can send candy to them directly at:

Operation Gratitude/ CA Army National Guard
17330 Victory Blvd.
Van Nuys, CA  91406

Another similar option is Operation Shoebox, which also sends care packages to troops and welcomes donations of Halloween candy. They prefer heat-resistant candy. That means no chocolate, but that works out well because dentists say chocolate candy is the least harmful to teeth. You can ship to Operation Shoebox at:

Operation Shoebox
8360 East Highway 25
Belleview, FL  34420


Check out with your local homeless shelter and food pantry.  For those in the western suburbs of Chicago, though, Hesed House in Aurora, IL said that they would happily accept extra candy.  Be sure to call first, as a few of the organizations I called are not accepting candy.

Donating some of their candy may not give kids a sugar rush, but hopefully they will learn that sharing with others can feel pretty good, too.

If you know of other organizations looking for candy donations, please leave the info in the comments and I'll add it to this post. Thank you!

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