How registering for parent teacher conferences pushed me over the edge

How registering for parent teacher conferences pushed me over the edge

Parent teacher conferences are drawing near and the school district had online sign ups for them yesterday. With two parents and two step-parents involved in my daughter's education, this can be a tricky. We all like to be at conferences so we are on the same page with the teachers. Meshing 4 different schedules isn't easy, but neither is the sign up website that our school district uses. I thought hopping online when registration opened would be a good way to get the time we wanted. I was wrong. But even people scheduling for 1 parent encounter scenarios similar to mine detailed below.

9:58 - Check time, go to website, prepared to log in with name and password I was reminded to get by a bazillion emails from the school district.

10:00 - Try to log in. Feeling on top of the world because I didn't blow the time, date, any of that. I am a responsible parent!

10:01 - Loading. Still loading.

10:02 - Get worried.

10:03 - Still freaking loading? Are you kidding me? Dial up was faster than this.

10:04 - Open new browser. Now "still loading" twice. Getting dizzy watching the circle going round and round.

10:05 - Sigh loud sighs. Roll eyes.

10:06 - Realize refresh and reload are not my friends despite school district email advising that it would solve all my first world problems.  (I do get that this is a first world problem.)

10:08 - Ignore important work email. Tell self that if I get fired it was because I was prioritizing my child's education.

10:11 - Shake fist at computer. Keep freakin' refreshing to no avail.

10:13 - Unleash expletives.

10:14 - Despair takes hold. Email from school district requests parent patience. Realize mine is pretty much shot.

10:15 - Success! I'm in!

10:16 - Hope fades quickly as I realize that problems are far from over. There are a million screens, each of which take quite a while to load.

10:17 - Get to page asking which day I want prefer. The hyperlink for the day is not yet activated, get annoying note saying it will be open on 9/18.  It IS 9/18. It is 17 minutes after you said it would be open. It IS. NOT. OPEN.

10:19 - Update Facebook status to reflect my frustration, appreciate virtual support offered by friends who also find the situation ludicrous. Misery loves company. Close Facebook tab in the irrational hope that having only one open will speed the process. It does not.

10:20 - Finally links are activated. I select one and press "Continue." After 30 seconds, "Temporary Server Error" page comes up. What the?!?!?  Reload. Reload. Grrrrr.

10:21 - Realize I have spent longer than signing up for conferences than I will spend in the actual conferences. Commence taking deep breaths.

10:22 - Get antsy about work issues that are on hold for this.

10:24 - Get screen that says, "You're doing great!" Start arguing with it. No, I'm not doing great. I'd be great if I was done with this. But I'm not. I'm not even close, and this is stupid.

10:25 - Realize that I need to get more mature and stop using "stupid" for conferences to be meaningful. Also make note to watch language at conferences as air around me turns blue.

10:26 - Get weepy thinking about the good old days when you signed up for conferences with pen and paper at back to school night.  I'm pretty sure they could have squeezed signs up in between the drum beating and discussion of body odor at that 3 hour event last week.

10:27 - Bang head on table. Mentally compose email informing other 3 parental parties informing them that someone other than myself will be handling sign ups next time. Then figure doing that guarantees that district will have finally worked out problems and I'll look crazy because it will only take them a few brief moments.

10:29 - Finally links are activated. Choose a 7:15 for one teacher and a 7:45 for the other so I have time in between. Press "Continue". After 30 seconds "Temporary Server Error" page comes up. Press Reload. Press Reload. Press Reload on browser.

10:30 - Start to lose it. I know it's only half an hour of my life, but I can get a lot done in half an hour.

10:32 - Realize that conference times available will have to be close together and at end of day. Worry that if one teacher gets backed up it all goes to hell in a handbasket. Hope that the former military service member now teaching math will at least be on time. Build schedule around that.

10:35 - Make way to final screen that tells me I'm done. Rejoice! It says an email confirming my conferences will be sent.

10:36 - No email. Panic at thought of having to start over.

10:37 - Decide to walk away, unsure if registration is complete but assume that if teachers have major issues with my kid, they'll hunt me down.

3:10 - Find email in Spam.

3:11 - Start writing letter to poor school district technology officer who has probably had a crappy day. Decide not to send, yet.

5:00 (somewhere) - Pour stiff drink.

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