4 favorite quotes from junior high parent night

4 favorite quotes from junior high parent night

Last night, my tween's junior high hosted parent night to enlighten parents as to how this school for sixth through eighth graders operates. It was to run from 6 pm until 8:50 p.m. That's right, they had nearly three full hours of information to convey to us clueless parents. While I was eager to hear all about her learning environment, I figured that none of this information fell in the urgent category given that school had been in session nearly a month. Some of it, though, did fall into the mildly amusing category. My four favorite quotes from the evening:

* "Anything involving armpits is a big hit with sixth graders, especially the boys." - The music teacher talking about the percussion unit and why the talking drum, an hourglass-shaped drum from West Africa that is held under an arm and changes pitch when squeezed, is so very popular among her students.

* "If you haven't seen your child's gym shirt in a while, please ask your child to bring it home so you can wash it. Or better yet, they can wash it. Just have someone wash it, so things don't start growing on it." - The gym teacher, who gave the distinct impression that she has in fact seen a gym shirt with something growing on it. Eeeewwwwwww.

* "Being cornered up against a concrete wall, and not one of the nice padded ones like we have here, while the best athlete in the class pummeled you with a ball is never fun. And why is it that the huge athlete never went for your arm, or your leg, or even your torso? I don't know, but it seems like they were never, ever aiming for anything other than a face. And that just wasn't making people more physically fit." - Another gym teacher on why students do not play dodge ball in gym any more. The best part of this quote was seeing all the parents sitting on the bleachers, nodding in solemn agreement with pained looks on their faces, myself included.

* "To align with Common Core, we're going to be using more nonfiction texts in our curriculum, in all subject areas, including social studies, science and mathematics." Looks like those word problems are about to get real, kiddo. Literally.

Hope that your back to school activities have been both informative and amusing. If you have any good quotes from your experience, please share! We'd love to hear them.

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