3 ways to shorten your back to school to do list

3 ways to shorten your back to school to do list
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The days before sending your kids back to school are busy. Not only are you preparing for the upcoming academic year, but you're also trying to squeeze the last bit of fun out of summer. Enjoying the last lazy, hazy days of summer are easier when there are fewer items on back to school list. Try these tips that make going back to school easier in terms of time and money.

1. Have your tween fill out the forms required by your school  You are not your tween's secretary. Does he know his name, address, phone number and birth date? Why should parents write it 10 tens when kids are perfectly capable of doing it themselves? Dr. Deborah Gilboa notes that she is not her children's secretary and suggests having your tween fill out their own school forms as one way of teaching kids to be resilient. I'm not saying you don't read the forms when your child is finished with them, but ther is no reason that they should not help.

2. Skip back to school shopping  What? No school shopping? Blasphemy! Actually, it could be brilliance. Sure, get a fun outfit for the first day back, but otherwise, bide your time. Wait and see what your tween wants after a few weeks of school. If you're in my position and your child is starting a new school, holding off on the shopping may mean that you don't drop dollars on outfits that you tween will soon decide are simply unwearable. Keep in mind, too, that kids can grow a a whole lot in a very short amount of time. It's possible your tween will blow past an entire clothes size.

3. Doctor it up.  Well, doctor, dentist and optometrist it up. Make sure your child's vaccinations are up to date. Illinois and other states require the Tdap vaccine for whopping cough and/or meningococcal vaccine prior to starting middle school or junior high. The same is true of eye and dental exams. Find school vaccination requirements by state on this CDC website. Even if your child doesn't need a booster shot for this school year, see if it is needed for next year. Then make an appointment for when the back to school rush is over, maybe on a school institute day in the fall. You'll be ahead of the game for next year. If you do decide to go back to school shopping, check out these tips for saving money and sanity and consider looking online at stores that carry clothing in sizes up to 18.

With all the extra time you save, you may even have time enough extra time to plan a "school's back in session" celebration where you and your friends congratulate each other on successfully surviving the summer! Hope the school year gets off to a great start for both you and your child(ren)!

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