Losing even a little sleep has big impact on tweens

Raise your hand if you and/or your child(ren) are tired. Any of you too tired to raise your hand? Yeah, I get it. The end of the school year often feels as busy as the holidays. All the items on the "to do" list as the school year comes to a close make for long days, and often late nights trying to get everything done. Sleep is hard to come by these days.

For kids, though, missing out even a little sleep can have a big impact.

Brown Mackie College's recent publication addressed the impact of loss of sleep on kids of a variety of ages, from elementary school to college, and their finding about sleep deprivation in tweens that really caught my attention. Apparently, even losing a little sleep can have a big impact on tweens.

Of a group of students in grades four through six, half went to bed 30 minutes early, and half went to bed 30 minutes late for three days and then they were tested. Those that lost sleep experienced a loss of cognitive function that set them back by two grade levels.

A Sleepy Student's Survival Guide presented by Brown Mackie

This infographic was developed by Brown Mackie.

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