Jenny McCarthy talk about son's friends' boners not part of normal childhood

Jenny McCarthy talk about son's friends' boners not part of normal childhood

Jenny McCarthy says she moved her tween son back to the Chicago suburbs to give him a normal childhood. And then she went and discussed with the media that her son's friends ogle her. Speaking about her son's buddies and their opinions of her anatomy, she said, "There's gonna be tween boners everywhere this summer."

Bye bye, normal childhood.

I get where Jenny is coming from. No, not THAT way. She said that you often seek to emulate your own childhood, and since she grew up in the Chicago suburbs, it made sense for her to return to this area with her boy. Jenny and I have even experienced some of the "normal" mom events that come with living here, including chaperoning the field trip to Naper Settlement. She said that she embarrasses her son around his friends. I have been known to do the same to my daughter.

But really, that's where the similarities end. Not shocking, I realize, and yes, the Playmate probably did  churn butter in a far sexier way than I did. But I also don't go around speaking with national media about the sexual awakening of my tween's friends.

Huffington Post Live Host Marc Lamont Hill asked McCarthy whether her son, Evan, gets embarrassed by her. The actress, author and former Playboy centerfold said, "his friends come over and are already ogling." It's clear that she meant no harm to her 10 year-old, or his friends, but it feels like she's sending a bit of a mixed message with her choice of residences and her choice of interview topics.

You can see the clip and check out the discussion at around minute 8. My favorite part is the host's reaction to her comments.

What do you think? 

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