3 Ways to Overcome the Messages Media Sends To Our Kids

How are girls portrayed in the media? How does this impact their decisions, behaviors, and sense of self? We all know that people on television, movies and magazines are airbrushed so that they barely even resemble themselves. Many parents cringe at how the media portrays female friendships are portrayed, myself included.

Dr. Deborah Gilboa, of Ask Doctor G, offers some answers to that question in this video.  She is the host of  iQ: smartparent television series out of WQED in Pittsburgh that focuses on parenting media savvy kids in the 21st century. This video is a teaser for the second iQ: smartparent episode entitled "Girls Growing Up With Media."

You can watch the full episode of "Girls Growing Up With Media"online in full here. It features guest experts M. Gigi Durham, Ph.D., author of The Lolita Effect, and Rebecca Gaynier, founder of iTwixie.com, a smart, fun website for tween girls. It is not just aimed at parents of girls. Both boys and girls are very impacted by the messages in the media and this offers good strategies for parents of kids of either gender to help combat those stereotypes and make it clear to everyone that girls can be good friends, can be a variety of careers (not just pop stars) and that they can and should be judged on far more than their body type.

iQ: smartparent is great about linking to resources releated to their episodes, and you can find the helpful links here. One of my favorites was Movie gems that portray women and girls in a positive light with options for all age groups from CommonSense Media.

You can find more about the first iQ: smartparent episode here: Kids and video games: what games are safe, and how much should they play?

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