Tween news round-up

Tween news round-up
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Tweens are a popular topic of conversation these days, and here are some of my favorite pieces on the net written about the 8-12 year old age group this week.

Make your tween a backseat driver   This article in the South Florida Sun Sentinel suggests taking advantage of the tween fantasy of driving a car and points out "the tween years are perfect for educating boys and girls, priming them about the rules for the road." It provides eight ways to prepare your tween for the teenage driving years and to cut their risk of accidents.

Jason Segel is writing tween books reports that Random House Children’s Books has picked up the North American rights to a trilogy co-written by actor and The Muppets writer Jason Segel and Kirsten Miller, who penned the Kiki Strike trilogy. The new trilogy will be called Nightmares! and will focus on overcoming inherent fears that many kids face. Look for the first book in Fall 2014.

CocoonKids is safe internet browsing for your tweens - Becca of Our Crazy Boys explained how to install CocoonKids, a free tool to keep your kids safe while browsing the internet. I'm adding setting that up to my weekend to do list.

6 Things I Didn't Know About Tweens Until I Had One  Yahoo! Shine contributor Lori Garcia captures the essence of parenting a tween in this piece. My favorite line may be "The only thing scarier than being a tween is parenting one." I also liked this item she didn't know:

Tweens need us now more than ever. It's weird. You'd think your infant baby or danger toddler would need you most of all, but I suppose anyone can change a diaper or watch out for sharp corners (I know, not as well as you can but hang with me here). Your tween is a fragile spirit, working to understand themselves and their place in this big scary world. Parents are among a select group of people who've put in the time, energy, and love to earn their trust.

Do you agree that tweens need us parents now more than they did when they were too young to walk or to roll their eyes at us?

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