Earth Day activities and ideas for tweens

Earth Day activities and ideas for tweens
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Happy Earth Day!  First celebrated in San Francisco, California on April 22, 1970, today marks the 43rd observance of the event which has grown into the largest, most celebrated environmental event worldwide. More than 100 countries mark the occasion, stop to marvel at the natural world and think about how best to care for our home planet.

We are still recovering from flooding in this part of the world so our celebrations are somewhat limited. We planted some seeds this morning, as gardening and appreciating what the Earth can produce seems to consistently crop up (see what I did there?) as a good way to celebrate Earth Day. As a bonus, gardening has helped expand her palate. This year she's most excited about cilantro, something she didn't like a few years ago. My tween is a fan of the digital camera and she always seems to marvel a bit more at nature when she views it through the lens.

Here's a round up of some of my favorite Earth Day posts on the web with great ideas for what tweens can do to  make a difference:


  • The U.S. EPA has an Earth Day Take Home Kit website the features links to all kinds of environmental information, including a section on drinking water aimed specifically at tweens. You can also check out the clean air section and see what the air quality is in your town and across the country today.  (Sorry, Chicago, we're only moderate. I was hoping for green for good for Earth Day, but no.)



  • KC Edventures has a Go Green Guide for tweens. Suggestions include talking about limits on shower time. You may want to steer clear of that one if tween body odor is an issue and instead go with another of the ideas offered on the site, like "Think about ways to reuse the water in your house - for example, extra water in your dinner glasses can be used in the dog's bowl or to water plants.  Can you collect water during your shower to use for anything?"



  • EcoKids is a great website celebrating Earth Day Canada. There are a ton of online games. Many seemed geared towards kids, and after needing to build an ark due to torrential rains that were followed by snow here last week, the climate change games and quizzes are particularly interesting, and fun, too.  The site also has Take Action section with numerous Earth Day suggestions, including that kids start an anti-idling campaign targeted at parents in the school pick up lane. Turning off your car can reduce engine exhaust, which contains "more than 40 harmful gasses and chemical compounds, which are bad for the air, land and water." It can also save fossil fuels and money, as the website says idling wastes over $100 a year per vehicle.




Happy Earth Day, TweenUs readers!

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