Books about puberty for tween boys and girls and their parents

Puberty and all the physical changes happening to tweens can be tough for parents and children to discuss. Books can be a good way for parents and their kids be literally on the same page about what adolescence has in store and what changes are still to come, and the books can serve as a good starting point for discussion between parent and child during what can be an awkward time.  The first four books about puberty in the gallery below are for girls, the last four are for boys.

Once you find a book with which you are comfortable, consider reading it a chapter at a time with your tween (not reading together precisely, but he/she reads the chapter and then you read it, or vice versa.) Talk at the completion of a chapter or group of chapters, rather than trying to cover the whole book at once. While that approach may draw things out, it also makes it more likely that your teen will ask specific questions or you can make a point that you want without overwhelming your like already overwhelmed kid. For example, with the American Girl book, there was a chapter on shaving and I was able to talk about just leg shaving with my tween at that point before moving on to more details topics.

All links are to Amazon so you can purchase the book(s) you like best, download to Kindle or just get the info you need to check out the books from your local library.

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