Game On: TableTop Day encourages families to play games

Today, March 30, is Table Top Day, an event that encourages people to neighborhood coffee shop, school auditorium, community center, or host a game day at your home and play more games. International TableTop Day is a reminder to "spend more time and strengthen the bonds with the people who matter most, our friends and family, by playing games together." also explains that tabletop gaming promotes many positive social and cognitive benefits like increased communication, team work, planning, and is an excellent stress relieving activity for all ages. If you want more information, you can listen to a podcast that was on WGN radio yesterday here.

I've already seen social media posts of people with small families laying Hi Ho Cherry-O, and some adults I know started out the day with some euchre. Scroll below to see a few of our favorite tween-friendly family TableTop games, and please share in the comments what your favorite family games are.

Happy playing!

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