Easter ideas: Round-up of tween fun with baskets, eggs and Peeps

Easter ideas: Round-up of tween fun with baskets, eggs and Peeps
by Bill Hogan Chicago Tribune

Hippity, hoppity, Easter is on it's way, as the song goes, and here's a round up of some favorite Easter blog posts and articles with wonderful, easy ideas to help you, your tween and your whole family hop to some Easter fun. While the Easter bunny may no longer be the star of the show for tweens, there's still much fun to be had at any age with baskets, egg hunts, egg decorating and Peeps.

These Easter ideas are cheep so you won't be shelling out a lot of money. (I know, that pun was bad and I should resist the Easter word play.)

  • Easter Baskets

For some really good ideas about what to include in Easter baskets for tweens, check out Our Crazy Boys' post Tween Easter Baksets: Less Toys, More Awesome. Get a sneak peek of what she's giving her 8 and 12 year-old boys, like gift cards and great coupons good around the house. She's doing an Easter scavenger hunt, too.

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More  fun, nontraditional items to include in tween Easter baskets with the post Gift Ideas for Tween Easter Baskets by Los Tweens. They had a bunch of suggestions, including jewelry kits, books or athletic gear.

The Chicago Tribune article Building a better Easter basket had some fun and healthy ideas, too. Love the theme baskets ideas for gardening or cooking.

  • Peeps!

4cc6ee85ad299dba1b166488c5bab402Not only are the (very) sugary bunnies and chicks a tween favorite for eating, they are also the perfect items to use in dioramas. The Washington Post Peeps Show is one of my favorite spring traditions, and the 2013 winning peep dioramas were just announced here! You can check out past year's winners and get more details on the Post's Peeps Show page.

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Club Chica Circle put a tween-friendly spin on the Peep diorama in their great post Make Your Own Peeps Candy Diorama Houses. See how creative you and your whole family can get, or put a fun literary spin on it and recreate a scene from a book, either what your tween is reading now or an old favorite.

I'm also planning to make this Peep-decorated cake with  my tween, because a) it looks like my tween can handle decorating that solo and b) I like Peeps.

  • Egg Decorating

    From Spoonful.com

    From Spoonful.com

Egg dyeing has always been a ton of fun, though I sense my tween is less enamored with it, and perhaps outgrowing the tradition a big. I shelled out (see what I did there?) for the Paas Deluxe Kit, which was $2.50 instead of $2, so perhaps that'll kick the egg dying up a notch. I think we'll also try out a few of these unique egg decorating ideas on Spoonful. I think my girl will like the loopy approach, and it may appeal to a sports fan if they can use favorite team colors.

The Huffington Post shared 8 Alternative Egg Designs, including going doodle crazy with sharpies. I suspect that this activity would be both fun and ruinous to my tween's hands, so we may have to do this after we take any Easter photos.

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