Websites offering tween clothing for older kids and in bigger sizes

Websites offering tween clothing for older kids and in bigger sizes
An outfit from Gap Kids

Dressing a tween is not an easy proposition, and the challenge of finding clothing that both tweens and parents like, or at least find appropriate, only gets harder as tweens grow. Many clothing stores stop carrying kids sizes after size 12, but some stock kids clothing in larger sizes. Some parents prefer that option over shopping for their kids in the adult sections.

While department stores have junior sections, not all parents are fans, both in terms of selection and quality. Where's a tween parent to turn?

The internet!

Some parents find shopping for their tween to be easier online than in store. Parents can preview the site, ensure that they approve of the style of clothing and make sure that the price is in line with what they are willing to spend. Moms and dads can also make more rational decisions with their tweens in a calmer environment, away from the "tumult" that stores in the mall intentional create. Should discussions between parent and child get heated, it's much easier to take a break, or keep items in a virtual shopping cart and return to them later.

Here are online kids clothing stores that offer tween sizes larger than size 12, and one offers clothing up to size 18.

  • CWDKids which stands for "Cute Well-Dressed Kids" offers clothing for boys and girls in sizes as large at 18.
  • Lands' End carries kids clothing up to size 16. They also offer Plus and Slim styles.
  • SofiaBella is an online site created by the Canadian mom of a tween as "a one-stop destination for trendy apparel coveted by girls and approved by mom." They have clothes up to size 16.
  • Johnnie B., a division of British clothier Boden, offers clothing by years for girls and for boys, with the largest size is 15-16 years.
  • Crazy 8 also has clothes up to 14.
  • Gap Kids carries pants up to size 18 and tops and dresses in size XXL, which according to their size chart, translates to size 14+. They also have sections for Plus and Slim styles, as they are called in the Girls clothing, or Husky and Slim, as they are called in the Boys section.

Good luck finding clothing that works for you and your tween!

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