Super Bowl food and games for kids and families

Super Bowl food and games for kids and families

Super Bowl Sunday is this weekend. Whether you're rooting for the Baltimore Ravens or the San Francisco 49ers, or just tuning in for the commercials, here are some ideas for enjoying this American tradition. We're going to be watching the game, which is Sun., Feb. 3 in New Orleans, Louisiana and kick off is 6:30 ET and here are my plans to keep my family, kid included, fed and happy.

Please note: my tween daughter will probably be practicing her ballet moves at some point in the middle of the game. We don't get overly detailed on the football end in our house, and while I wish she was a bit more involved, this also means less discussion about whether Raven's Ray Lewis is an acceptable role model. Phew!


We have a busy weekend before the game, so I'm going to keep it simple and easy. Okay, I'd keep it simple and easy even if I had a wide open weekend. But I still like to play with my food. Because we don't have a strong allegiance to either team, I'm going for a bit of both cities, and a chance to teach my tween a wee bit of info about Baltimore and San Francisco.

To honor Baltimore, we're having Maryland style crab cakes. I'm a fan of those from the freezer at Trader Joe's.

To honor San Fran, I'm going to focus on the city's amazing Chinatown with Chinese food. We're going to go with fried rice (depending on how the week goes, that may also be from Trader Joe's.) If I have time, maybe I'll give this sour dough bread recipe a shot.

Nope, not really tradition game munchies, but given that the game is around dinner time, this will work nicely, and if it's more like dinner, that better justifies dessert.

Desserts are always fun with the Super Bowl, and we'll have several. bulk-chocolates-150

  • I'm not about to pass up this opportunity to get a little bit of Ghirardelli chocolate for everyone. It's educational! Who doesn't love educational chocolate? Ghirardelli Chocolate Company established its headquarters in San Francisco in 1893 and we'll talk a little bit about Ghirardelli Square in the City by the Bay. The story of how Dominico Ghirardelli made his way to San Francisco and the history of the company is also fascinating (and reading that with your tweens justifies more munching of the chocolate, I say.)
  • Every year we make football brownies. Make your favorite brownie recipe, and then cut out the brownies using a football-shaped cookie cutter. I use one from Sur La Table, now on sale for $0.76. If you want to go wild AND crazy, get the football helmet cookie cutter there, too. (Also only $0.76.) Then use white icing to draw on the laces of the football. This is a culinary activity that is totally doable for your tween. I confess that I buy the icing in a tube from the store to make it as easy as possible.6096FootBallCake_575
  • Also tween friendly - a football field cake. Make a sheet cake, frost the whole thing with green icing and use white icing to draw on the yard marker. I think we'll make a carrot cake this year


  • Rate the commercials. I'll print out score cards ranging from 1 to 10 that everyone can hold up at the end of each commercial to socre them, a la old time figure skating judging.
  • 100 square pool. This is always a hit, in part because absolutely no knowledge of the game is required. This pool is based on pure luck. Use this template to print out your squares. Our family's approach: we do no sell the squares, and we have everyone initial their squares, and then we draw the numbers outsquarepool of a hat and write them on the grid in that order. That makes it far more random, and no one is intentionally stuck with all 8's, a rare number in football scores. We give awards at the end of each quarter. Not sure if it'll be a quarter or another kind of reward, such a picking the next night's dinner or getting a pass on a chore.
  • Super Bowl trivia. The NFL has 2-Minute Trivia online game that you can all take turns playing during the pregame. It's multiple choice, so even the non-football fans have a chance. The NFL Super Bowl history website has a wealth of info from which you could write your own trivia questions. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:- Ask about the location and winner of the Super Bowl for the birth years of your family or guests born in 1967 or later.
    - Which Harbaugh brother is younger? Answer: Jim, who is just one year younger than John.
    - What city hosted the very first Super Bowl? Answer: Los Angeles, in 1967.
    - How much does a 30 second ad cost for this year's game? Answer: between $2.4 million and $4 million
    - How many people are expected to watch the game? Answer: approximately 115 million Americans
    - What is the distance between San Francisco and Baltimore? Answer: approximately 2800 miles, according to Mapquest

Involve your kids or tweens in pregame activities.

  • Have them look up facts about Baltimore, San Francicsco and New Orleans.
  • Ask them pick out some New Orleans jazz to play while you're making the food.
  • Make them the director - allow kids to make up their own commercial.
  • For 100 other fun ideas, check out Planet Fassa's Super Bowl Pinterest page.

Have a great time watching Super Bowl 47!

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