Owen Groesser: Eighth grade basketball player with Down Syndrome Featured on SportsCenter

Owen Groesser went from obscurity to ESPN SportsCenter in a matter of hours, thanks to sinking some three-point shots on the basketball court and the power of Twitter. Owen may be a teen, but Tween Us deals with middle school an awful lot, and I'm always happy to share stories of amazing middle schoolers and their triumphs.

Owen plays for the Van Hoosen junior high basketball team in Rochester, Michigan. He also has Down Syndrome. In seventh grade, he served as the team manager. As an eighth grader, Owen was on the basketball team, bt he hadn't made it into a game all season until his coach put him in Wednesday night, WXYZ.com reported.

Once in the game, Owen drilled a basket from behind the three point line.

The crowd went wild.

Then Owen made another three pointer.

The crowd went wild again.

The game ended, but the story did not. The crowd started tweeting #GetOwenOnSportsCenter.

The hashtag trended, and ESPN responded, making Owen's shot #1 of its SportsCenter Top Ten Wednesday night. As he introduced the footage of Owen sinking his shot, SportsCenter anchor Scott Van Pelt said, "Sometimes Twitter is awesome, like tonight."

That's not all. SportsCenter then interviewed Owen with his dad on SportsCenter Thursday.

On Thursday evening, Groesser again saw action on the court, and he scored four points. ESPN featured video of that, too. The Harlem Globetrotters will give Owen their Junior Phenom Award on Monday. Owen has been featured in numerous publications and footage of him sinking his shot has been aired across the country. My favorite piece was from The Detroit Free Press which featured this fabulous, quintessential conversation between a father and his middle school son:

“Hey, buddy, good shooting,” his dad, Chris, told him after the game.

“I know that, Dad,” he replied.

Way to go, Owen!

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