Tween Nicole Westbrook's "It's Thanksgiving" music video goes viral

“Can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful.”

That's the message in 12 year-old Nicole Westbrook musical interlude about Thanksgiving creatively titled, "It's Thanksgiving." The song's video has gone viral, garnering more than 6 million hits on YouTube. I asked for Thanksgiving music, and I got it.

The California tween's song about the upcoming holiday was produced by Patrice Wilson with PMW Live, known for producing Rebecca Black's "Friday." The similarities are pretty obvious, although Rebecca Black did not use a turkey leg for a microphone. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

Westbrook explained that she has a different approach than Black, though, because she plans to avoid criticism of her work. "I’m at a good age and know what I should and shouldn’t read. They’re entitled to their own opinions," the tween said of her critics.

I always wonder about tween pop sensations' parents. Westbrook said of her parent, “They are just so happy, but at the same time they are really protective of me. They’re really excited, but also maybe a little worried that I still stay grounded.” Here's hoping that they do their job and keep her grounded and protected. But how protective were they in the first place if they put her out there singing about stuffing into a turkey leg? with a guy in a turkey costume?

And the song itself?

Well, you must admit that the one item missing from the American songbook is a nod to the wonder that is mashed potatoes.  Why couldn't the song just focus on the carbs?  Why go on to explain the calendar? The chorus of the song points out that "December was Christmas, January was New Years." It also references Easter being in April. Hate to burst her bubble, but Easter is in March this year.

That calendar issues, however, are less disturbing than the one random adult in the video who attends Westbrook's feast dressed in a bad turkey costume. Apparently, Wilson plays the turkey in the video.

In the pantheon of songs that are "so bad they're good," it's not as catchy as "Friday," and it's certainly no "Call Me, Maybe" but singing about gratitude into a turkey leg isn't the worst thing a tween can do to kick off the eating season.

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