No "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel" for my kid

No "Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel" for my kid

It’s here! Finally! Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Third Wheel, the 7th book in the series, was released today!

Every one in our household is a big fan of Jeff Kinney’s books about tween Greg Heffley, his brother Rodrick and Manny, and the adventures he has with his family and friends. My tween just loves them. Period. What my husband and I love most is that the adventures are really more every day moments and finding the humor and absurdity and amusement in them.

I presume that is also true of the 7th book. The one released today. The one that my child was supposed to bring home with her from school today, per the Scholastic book order form I sent back in September. I debated ordering it through Amazon, but succumbed to the idea of the classroom benefitting from the order. I also thought it would be fun for my child to get it at school. I hoped she’d get a jump on reading it. I was planning to read it tonight and post a book review here ASAP. I had plans.

And we all know what happens when a tween parent plans.


Absolutely nothing happens.

Because my tween did not bring the book home from school. It’s possible that she didn’t turn the form in (wonder where that check is), or that her teacher didn’t get to passing out the books, or she bartered it away for something yummy at lunch. (I don’t think the last option is likely, but I haven’t ruled it out yet, either.) It's probably in her desk. At least, I hope. I don’t know where her Diary of a Wimpy Kid book is. I just know that she doesn’t have it, and thus neither do I.

When I do get my hot little hands on a copy of the book for which tweens around the country have been waiting, I'll let you know.

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