How old is too old for trick or treating?

How old is too old for trick or treating?
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Trick or treat is upon. It was so easy when they were little to take them trick or treating, knowing that you were guaranteed some good "awwww"s for the cute costume, and a fun time together with your little ghosts and goblins. As kids age, though, the question of trick or treating becomes, well, trickier. In addition to finding acceptable costumes, there's also the question of whether there is an age at which trick or treating is no longer appropriate? Vote in the poll below.

Some cities have stepped in and set age limits for trick or treating. Belleville, IL, a suburb of St. Louis, enacted a city ordinance in 2008 prohibiting high schoolers from participating in "Halloween solicitation."

Anyone ever say, "My child is so excited for Halloween solicitation tonight?" Was "solicitation" really the best word choice for that ordinance?

Belleville Mayor Mark Eckert explained to the Associated Press, “When I was a kid my father said to me, you’re too damn big to be going out trick-or-treating. When that doesn’t happen, then that’s reason for the city government to intervene.”  He also explained that complaints from seniors and single moms prompted the ordinance. Having been a single mom, I wasn't all that freaked out by trick or treating because I pretty much knew the drill, but I digress. While I'm not saying I agree with the Mayor's position, I do agree with his father that at some point, and I'm happy to have a few more Nestle Crunch for myself.

Several other cities, including Meridian, MS, Bishopville, SC, and Boonsboro, MD, limit trick or treating by age, not grade level. In those towns, tweens may participate in the big candy grab, but are cut off when they become teenagers.

Frankly, I was more in the you're done after elementary school camp, but apparently that makes me a bit of a witch. Good thing that was already going to be my costume for handing out candy this year.

Will you let your tween pound the pavement in hopes of scoring the holy grail of the full sized candy bar from a neighbor? I think the even better question is: will you be stealing liberating any of your tween's candy?

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