Archie Architecture loves Chicago's buildings and people

Archie Architecture loves Chicago's buildings and people
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Archie Architecture is a young fictional character who loves the city of Chicago, its architecture and its people.

Archie Architecture asks, “Do I love Chicago so much because of its architecture? Or do I love architecture so much because I live in Chicago?”

Archie has a Facebook page and a website on which Archie keeps a diary. Archie can be fun for kids of all ages, and I really enjoy some of the photography on the site and enjoy his Facebook page. In terms of content of Archie's website, he's probably best suited toward tweens 10 years old (as Archie himself is) and younger.

Liz Sandoval created Archie and in doing so she used her experience both as a former elementary school teacher and as a former Manager of Tour Operations for the Chicago Architecture Foundation.

She said, “Archie LOVES Chicago and architecture. But Chicago and architecture are also vehicles by which he engages people in a myriad other areas: literacy, art, history, believing in your dreams, encouraging one another, not bullying, etc. Character Education is a BIG part of who Archie is. The biggest part of who he is, actually.”

Sandoval hopes to create books featuring Archie in the near future and develop lesson plans with Archie as the star, but for now, you can follow him online.

Sandoval explained, "In the forthcoming children's book (and in many of his blog postings), Archie Architecture mixes reality and sentimentality to share an ode to the Chicago that is near and dear to his 10-year old heart. His passion transcends Chicago and architecture. It quickly becomes evident that he loves people most of all, and thus his appeal is universal--for all ethnicities and even kids 'at heart,' and locals and visitors alike."

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