Would you have your tween arrested?

Would you have your tween arrested?
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In Longmont, Colorado, a 12 year-old girl punched her mom.

Mom's response?

Have the girl arrested in order to "send her a message," according to news reports out of Denver.

We know that back to school can be rough, but it was apparently especially so for this family, as the trouble started when the mom picked up her daughter from middle school.  After a verbal altercation there, the girl refused to get in her mom's car, and her mom went home, leaving that girl at a park.  The discord only worsened when the mom got home from work to find the 12 year-old broke household rules by having a friend over. During a confrontation, the teen pushed and punched her mom. Reportedly, this was the second time the tween had hit her mother, and her mother decided she had had enough.

Boulder police handcuffed the tween, arrested her and took her to Juvenile Detention.

We all know that I'm not afraid of making my tween think I've connections to the cops, but thankfully I've never felt I needed to call in their assistance. Is having your tween arrested how you would send a message? Do you think it is effective?

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