Tween waxing has parents raising eyebrows

Tween waxing has parents raising eyebrows
Photo from Uni K Wax Salon

Salons target tweens as waxing clients by specifically marketing to them and offering deals to clients age 15 and younger.

Uni K Wax Center in New York City, also with locations in Florida, launched the ad campaign pictured above, and it is apparently successful.  Twelve year-olds and others as young as 10 are taking advantage of the offer. A salon manager said in the months leading to summer, nearly 40 percent of their clients.  Those under age 17 must have their parents sign a consent form before being waxed.

Defenders of tween waxing, including the mom of a 12 year-old bikini wax clients, say that it is about making girls comfortable.  Make up artist Bobbi Brown said, "You do whatever you can to make her feel good." One mom said it is simply practical in a world where tweens can be cruel.

Opponents of the practice contend that tween waxing is an adult practice and that girls should be allowed to be girls.  One of my favorite comments was when Good Morning America's Josh Elliott acknowledged the "self-esteem" argument and countered with, "I can think of a million ways to raise a young person's self esteem and this is not one of them."Others say that it is inappropriate and even disgusting.

One of my many issues with this is that the ad says waxing is "natural, safe and pleasant."  Hot wax on sensitive body parts doesn't seem at all "pleasant."  I also wonder about the print part of the ad, declaring, "Celebrate Freedom and Independence All July." God bless America, land of the free and home of the hairless tweens?

What do you think? Are you fine with tween waxing if it boosts the girls' self-esteem?  Or do you think et kids be kids, awkward stage and all?


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  • Pleasant? Seriously? Having your hair pulled out by the roots in large swaths can be described in many ways, but the word "pleasant" is not on my list. And ditto what Josh Elliott said. Good post!

  • Thanks so much! I will confess to only having had my lip waxed a couple times and the idea of waxing scares me so much, I won't try it anywhere else. If nothing else, these tween girls are brave, but I hope that such bravery is directed to other endeavors.

  • "Make up artist Bobbi Brown said, 'You do whatever you can to make her feel good.'"


  • Bobbi Brown's approach seems like a ridiculously slippery slope, doesn't it?

  • I don't see anything wrong with waxing. Waxing is just an alternative way of removing hair. Most girls are shaving way earlier than 15. I remember how embarrassing it was for me to show my legs and cutting myself plenty of times with the shaver!

  • In reply to sil00:

    Also a good point, as the experiences of many tween girls learning to shave also probably doesn't fit under the "pleasant" category.

  • Let girls be girls? But if they are old enough to grow hairs in unwanted places then why aren't they old enough to have them removed? It is a hygiene issue, and a solution to get rid of this "problem" that can cause embarrassment and bullying!

  • I think, Valentina, this is an issue that arises with puberty starting earlier and earlier: they are girls in some ways, but not in others. There are hygiene options available that do not involve waxing, but it's a personal, individual decision to be made by a tween and her parent(s).

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