OMG! Tween texting may lead to poor grammar

OMG! Tween texting may lead to poor grammar


A new study shows a connection between tween cell phone texting and poor grammar.


Researchers reported in the current issue of New Media & Society that their study found a connection between the use of language shortcuts when texting and less than stellar language skills in middle school students. Students who texted using abbreviations performed poorly on grammar tests.

Your tween doesn't need to be the abbreviating type to be impacting.  Just receiving such texts was associated with how poorly students performed on the grammar test.  Think about that the next time you're texting.

Using such shortcuts as  may hinder a tween's ability to switch between techspeak and the normal rules of grammar.

The number of abbreviations to make texting quicker and cheaper is CRZ (crazy).  Check out this extensive list of abbreviations here.  Some shortcuts include the fairly well-known  "gr8" instead of "great" or "w-u-d" instead of the word "would" and the list goes on, and on, and on.

The researcher,  Drew Cingel, got the idea for the study after receiving text messages from his young nieces that he could not understand.  He said, "I had to call them and ask them, 'what are you trying to tell me?'"

This study seems like just another reason to put the phone down and have face to face conversations and interactions.




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