MSI's Summer Brain Games fight brain drain

MSI's Summer Brain Games fight brain drain

With only six weeks remaining until school begins again for my tween, we've been fighting the summer brain drain and the summer slide.  Both terms describe how students lose skills and knowledge during extended time away from the classroom.  My tween has been doing reading activities and math worksheets, but I'm sad to say that with other activities like band and camp keeping us busy, we haven't focused much attention on science.

Thankfully, the Museum of Science and Industry has come to the rescue with Summer Brain Games, a free program designed to keep kids sharp over the summer with a weekly email focusing on a "summery" science theme and an accompanying experiment to be performed at home. The program is intended for all ages, which is a welcome relief given that many summer activity programs are too young for tweens. Being online, its available everywhere, not just Chicagoland.

Every week, families who sign up online receive an email notification explaining the new activity, including a list of required materials, ingredients, a guide to how the experiment works with instructions, as well as a small video.  In addition to the info needed to fight science summer brain drain, participants receive a voucher good for a free general admission ticket to MSI this summer as well as the chance to win prizes.

I realize that I'm a little late to the summer science party, but I figure some science is better than no science.  I also hope that we can play catch up with the prior experiments posted on the MSI's website here.

If a weeks long program isn't your tween's speed, or if your tween has secific areas of interest, check out the MSI's activities page.

The MSI's online programs seem advanced enough for tweens, fun enough to interest them, and smart enough to fight the summer brain drain.

What science activities have been fun for your family this summer?

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