Join Team Bullied and End the Cycle of Fear

Join Team Bullied and End the Cycle of Fear

What started out as one blogger’s vent about her first-grade daughter’s heartbreak at being bullied for liking Star Wars became an overnight Internet phenomenon and an ex­traordinary illustration of the power of community. Now, in an effort to help the many children and adults who are caught in the cycle of bullying, Carrie Goldman, who writes Portrait of an Adoption on ChicagoNow, has written a book titled Bullied—an eye-opening, prescriptive, and ultimately uplifting guide to raising diverse, empathetic, tolerant kids in a caring and safe world.

To coincide with the book’s release, an official online Team Bullied community is being built, where people can share their experiences with bullying and give advice on how to create a culture of acceptance and respect. Everyone has a story to tell: here is your chance. Tell your story, whether you have been a bully or a target, a parent of a suffering child, or a teacher who has witnessed peer victimization.  There are several kids who have posted videos about their experiences, and your tween can do so, too.

Team Bullied is important for tweens and their families in so many ways.  For the tweens who have been bullied, this platform can give them the encouragement they need to get through the terrible experience. I think this empowers those tweens, giving them a voice.  This is a chance to take their power back. Parents of bullied tweens ache for their child and rage against the cruelty, often silently and alone.  But healing is found in telling your story and sharing your strength. Send others in your situation the message, “You are not alone.”

Even if your tween has not been bullied, watching this can help them be empathetic, and to understand the impact words and actions can have, both good and bad.

Tweens often don't want to tell their parents about bullying, and checking out Team Bullied together can be the start of a conversation that a tween does not know how to initiate.

Join Team Bullied and end the cycle of fear.

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