Supreme Court and Obamacare - does your tween care?

Supreme Court and Obamacare - does your tween care?

The U.S. Supreme Court released a decision on Obamacare this morning.  Perhaps even this momentous legal event serves as a reminder that tween tendencies don't stop when high school starts.  They can be found just about anywhere.

It is complicated, just like tweens.

Its impact on the future is unclear (will states pass up the new Medicaid funding to avoid increasing the numbers of recipients?), which is also tween-like.

The justices' cliques were unexpected, and evolving. (Really, John Roberts, you're hanging with that group now?)

Although it does seem to show some tween behavior, my tween just wasn't riveted by the release this morning.  She was far more interested in a Smurf game and seemed amused by the adults glued to the television screen.  Did your tween show any interest?

What do you think of the decision? Are you pleased?

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