Product Review: Ottilie & Lulu Skin and Hair Products for Tweens

Product Review: Ottilie & Lulu Skin and Hair Products for Tweens

Ottilie & Lulu is a company producing skin and hair care products specifically for tweens.  To be honest, I didn't even know that there were such products but I definitely saw the need.  I asked at my salon one time what products the stylist recommended for my daughter and was told to use adult product.  It just didn't seem like she needed all the grown-up "stuff" in hygiene products. It does seem like there's some space between baby shampoo and products with smiling bubbles and monsters on the packaging to full on adult products.  It's the tween gap, and it exists in many areas, including hygiene.  Ottilie & Lulu is filling that gap.

The company recognizes on its website that that tweens "have delicate skin and face their own challenges They need safe products made just for them to help them feel good and look good. Ottilie & Lulu is created with special, gentle formulations of anti-oxidants, botanicals, and vitamins - tween essentials for feeling clean and naturally beautiful. Dermatologist, allergy, and clinically tested-but not on animals."  The products are aimed at girls ages 7-14.

Deborah Hernan, the company's founder, told me via email, "My daughter was my motivation (for starting Ottilie & Lulu).  I wanted to be sure she would grow up with products I knew to be safe and effective as well as products that presented a clean, healthy image. Tween girls don't need a lot of products. I saw some adult and teen skin care lines repackage their products to aim at tween girls.  Girls don't need the types of ingredients found in teen and adult products, and they certainly don't need an abundance of products--just products that help with the basics: cleanse, moisturize and protect."

As a tween mom, I like the idea of the gentle, natural formulas.  I am particularly a fan of the message that tween girls need to take care of themselves, and that hygiene does not mean dousing ones self in glitter and sparkle and calling it good, or pretty.  The products let girls' natural beauty shine through.  They can be found online and at FAO Schwarz.

Clean Skin Face Wipes

My daughter and I were really big fans of this product.  The wipes were clean and fresh smelling, and left her face looking nice and fresh, but they weren't too strong or harsh.  They made cleansing easy for her, and they were effective.  The wipes would also be easy for travel.

Cost: $10 for 30 wipes

Everyday Facial Moisturizer & Sunscreen

The combination of moisturizer and sunscreen is a good one, and this product was a favorite in our house.  Sunscreen is hugely important to us, and this product came along shortly after a skin cancer diagnosis and the start of summer motivated me to require that my daughter use sunscreen daily.  My daughter really liked this product, more than other sunscreens I had purchased for her.  I'm grateful for anything that makes it more appealing for her to lather it on daily.  Although it is SPF 20 and my dermatologist recommends SPF 30, I'm fan.  Hernan mentioned that many mothers have told her that they use the sunscreen as well.

Cost: $18 for 2.5 fl oz

Shampoo & Body Wash and Shiny, Silky Detangler & Conditioner

That both products do double duty is a plus.  The "fresh minty scent" was nice in my opinion, but my tween thought the scent was a little strong.  I think she got used to it, though, and she didn't see it as a negative after a few washings.  Her hair looks clean

Cost: each is $14 for 8 fl oz

When asked what tips she has for tween parents, Hernan said, "I advise moms to focus on building a healthy hygiene regime during the tween years.  Teach them how to wash their faces, multiple times a day.  Teach them that moisturizing and protecting their skin with sunscreen-everyday- is a lifetime habit for clean, healthy skin.  Build a schedule for bathing, and washing and conditioning hair.  These actions don't bring too much focus to beauty.  They create an lifetime of clean, healthy personal habits--that build confidence. "

Disclosure: Ottilie & Lulu provided me with the products that have been reviewed here.

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