No minimum age for body piercing? Ouch!

Sometimes this blog covers topics that parents of tweens would prefer to not think about, but of which we should be aware.  Today's topic  in that category: body piercing.

The mere thought of it makes me cringe.  The thought of my tween having it done without my knowledge makes me feel far, far worse.

34 states, including Illinois, already have laws in place that require parental consent for piercing minors, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.  That means there are 16  states that do not require parental consent.

One of those states that does not currently have a minimum age for piercings is New York, although the legislature is considering a bill that would require parental consent for those under 18.  The New York Post documents tweens getting piercings and found that "sixth- and seventh-graders are regular customers."

Many states that do have regulations require written consent.  I have to wonder to what extent that is verified, if at all.

Perhaps I should have known that tween piercing was popular.  Visible piercing isn't big among the tweens that I know, but it feels like piercing and the risks accompanying it need to be added to the list of topics to cover with my tween.



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