Fallout from Facebook permitting tweens to join

Last week, Facebook said that it was changing its rules and officially permitting tweens to have accounts.  Apparently, 7.5 million tweens have beaten Facebook to the punch and  We weren't the only ones talking about this development.  Here are a few of our favorite items on the web on the topic:

Against letting tweens on Facebook:

From The Los Angeles Times: Too young for status updates
This mom worries of what Facebook does to identity, and sites some interesting studies on the subject.

From CNN.com: My View: My kids won't be on Facebook any time soon
The line about "Facebook is mine" struck a chord with me.

In favor of letting tweens have Facebook accounts:

From The Washington Post: Tweens on Facebook: There's much to like

From HLN.com: Why I let my pre-teen son on Facebook


From NPR: How to Help Your Tween Use Facebook, Safely
I especially liked the article's suggestion of the tween signing an internet safety contract.  I'm not sure, however, how I feel about signing a contract as a parent.

What permitting tweens to join says about Facebook:

From Reuters: Betwixt and between: Facebook’s act of desperation
Opening the door to 11 year-olds right after it's far from stellar IPO doesn't give an image of fiscal health, does it?

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