Does your tween have Bieber Fever?

Justin Bieber.

Merely say his name and somewhere, tween girls will shriek.  Bieber Fever is apparently still highly contagious.  His free concert in Mexico City's famous Zocalo on Monday drew more than 200,000.  Fans ages 10 to 14, and their parents, comprised a most of that incredibly large audience.

And the Beliebers, as his fans are known, span the globe. At a free show in Oslo in May, a stampede injured more than 40 young Bieber fans. Tweens and parents are already sleeping on the streets of New York City to catch his concert on the Today Show on Friday morning.  Bieber's new album comes out June 19th.  His tour stops in Chicagoland at Allstate Arena on October 23-24. Brace yourself.

Such frenzy, however, is nothing new.  I'm going to guess that the girls screaming for the Beatles as they exited the plane would be Beliebers in this era.  Tweens for generations have had their musical heartthrobs, from David Cassidy to Rick Springfield to New Kids on the Block.  That just makes the tween pop star infatuation seem inevitable. Good God, help me.

Although I realize that it will happen in my house eventually (and I have the wine ready when it does hit), thankfully my tween has not yet contracted Bieber Fever.  She claims to have no interest in him.  Phew.

But we're not out of the woods yet. It looks like my tween may be bitten by the bug from the British band One Direction.  She mentioned that a classmate was going to their concert, the first time she's expressed interest in attending a concert.  I asked if she knew any of their songs other than the one getting lots of radio play, "What Makes You Beautiful."  She did not.  I told her when she was familiar with more songs to let me know.  I haven't heard anything yet.  But I know it's coming. Some day.

(Side note: I'm hoping this gives me time to wrap my head around the fact that One Direction was assembled by Simon Cowell, but their hit song literally sings the praises of humility and shyness.  It's such a weird juxtaposition.)

When pop star fever hits, of any variety, then the questions becomes: how far as parents are we willing to go for our tweens to experience their heartthrobs in person?  Would you brave a crowd of 200,000?  Would you sleep on the street? Would you go to Allstate Areana in October?

I'm pretty sure I'm in the "no" camp for both of those questions, which will certainly earn me scorn and disdain (at best) from my tween.  What about you?  How far will you go? And what did your parents do to facilitate your tween musical crushes?


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  • We encourage Bieber fever in my house. You know what comes after Justin Bieber? Songs about sex and drugs and having babies. He's growing up a bit more, but his earlier songs are all pretty sweet and there aren't any objectionable lyrics for us to censor.

    I bought our daughters tickets for the Big Time Rush concert in Tinley Park this August. It's their first concert experience and I'm happy to support it. We are not going to try to buy Justin Bieber tickets. My excuse will be that it's on a school night, but the reality is those tickets are just too expensive. I won't spend that much money so our girls can see their current musical crush.

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