Mother's Day Gifts for Moms of Tweens

A few items that I would included in a Mother's Day gift baskets for moms of tweens:

  • Neck Brace - You need it for the whiplash that results in tweens quick shifts from childhood to adulthood and back to childhood (often in the course of a day, and possible in the course of one meal).
  • Gift cards - One to a store that carries only clothing you deem appropriate for your tween, another to your favorite store.
  • Award - You're at least halfway through legal responsibility for your tween offspring. That should count for something! Although the tween years aren't easy, I'm going to bet that you wouldn't trade him or her for anything. Way to go! You've raised a pretty awesome human being!
  • Chocolate - You're only halfway through legal responsibility for your tween offspring. None of us are delusional enough to think that it's a downhill slide and that they can coast as their kid transitions from tween to teen to young adult. Chocolate is never a bad answer, to any question or any problem.
  • Winning lotto ticket - To pay for the orthodonture
  • "I love you" and "Thank you" from your tween - Expressions of gratitude may be few and far between from tweens, but deep down, they know how lucky they are to have a mother who loves them unconditionally.
  • Thank you note from me - I'm so grateful that you are accompanying me on this crazy parenting journey, and hope you know how much I appreciate your readership and support.

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