Five Things You Must Bring to Yoga Class

Five Things You Must Bring to Yoga Class

I would prefer you leave your cell phone, purse, keys and shoes at the door. I'm not very concerned with the brand of your mat, pants or your punny yoga t-shirt. But, please don't forget that the yoga sutras has asked us all to bring these things to our mats.


Saucha - This is literal. Please come to class with clean skin, clothes, mats and towels. I teach hot yoga and know how difficult this is, but let's do our best. A clean space not only benefits you but helps the student next to you stay focused on their mat.


Santosha - You have the means to take a yoga class. This, in itself, is a blessing. Maybe you don't like the number of people in the room. Maybe you like it cooler or hotter. Maybe you don't prefer the sequence or the teacher. Please, try to leave your complaints at the door and step into the studio satisfied.


Tapas - I can't blame anew yoga practitioner for low awareness.  It is the experienced yogi that I most often find has forgotten this.  It is our duty to stay focused, work diligently and honor our bodies without pushing it too far, too fast. It starts before class and continues until you leave.  Arrive on time. Be polite.  Listen.  Learn. Respect other people in the studio.


Svadhyaya - Self-study of yoga is part of the experience.  Don't milk your teacher for answers or hoard their time.  Be patience with the practice, read a book ( I recommend Iyengar's Light on Yoga) and attend workshops.  There's no "graduation" from the yoga school. So, be prepared to endure the long haul.


Ishvarapranidhana - Regardless of your religious beliefs, a deeper level of contemplation or meditation can still apply to you. Perhaps its the divinity of your unique religion or maybe it is a more broad interpretation of the word. Contemplating the mysteries of life and your part in the mystery is a unifying human experience. So, be a deep thinker.  Consider the hard questions and be ready take responsibility for your life's calling.

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