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God's Sign

“God’s sign is the baby in need of help and in poverty.  Exactly the same sign has been given to us … God’s sign is simplicity … God’s sign is that he makes himself small for us.  This is how he reigns.  He does not come with power and outward splendor.  He comes  as a... Read more »

Annunciation and New Union - St. Thomas Aquinas

The coming of the Savior was necessary, for three reasons:  first, because the world was imperfect in many was; second, because man was cast down from his rightful honor in a foul way; and third, because God was offended by man in a wondrous way.  Therefore, he came in order to grant to the whole... Read more »

The Truth to Which John Testified

Instead of attempting to free ourselves from the things of the senses, or abstracting from them, we should try to probe deeper into them; not stopping at their external appearance, which changes, but seeking what is hidden deep in their substance:  their being, in a word.  For God is Being.  And thus we shall find... Read more »

A Meditation from St. John of the Cross, WARNING: This is Deep!

The third blind man is the soul which, by not understanding itself, disturbs and harms itself.  Since it only knows how to act by means of the senses and discursive reflection, it thinks it is doing nothing when God introduces it into that emptiness and solitude where it is unable to use the faculties and... Read more »