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How to keep gangbangers away from your kids

                    What we know about the parents of the Virgin Mary, the Mother of God, comes to us through the apocryphal gospels: Anne and Joachim are informed separately by an angel that God has blessed their union and that their unborn child will be the Mother... Read more »

Would Jesus Carry a Gun?

The Gospels don’t mention anything about Jesus “packing heat” because guns weren’t invented yet.  When Jesus got angry with the money changers being in His Father’s house, he tossed the tables in frustration.  That was about as violent as our Lord got. But with the shootings in Colorado and the shootings that happen every day here in... Read more »

It's Officially Summer Here in Chicago: The Shootings Have Begun

If you are reading this and you don’t live in Chicago, then you may not have heard about the weekend violence. Looking at the addresses, the violence is all over the city and the age range of the victims is from 16 years old to 50 years old. The 16 year old was sitting on... Read more »

A Shattered Afternoon

It was a beautiful day.  It began slightly overcast, but the sun managed to finally show itself and the world became bright, beautiful and full of spring colors once more. And then I heard the shots.  At first I dismissed them until I saw people coming out of the business across the street.  Then the police... Read more »

Arizona Shootings/Chicago Shootings

Since the shootings in Arizona the media has been in an absolute tizzy over who’s to blame.  It always amazes me how an act of violence by a disturbed individual can be turned into a political forum.  Our political pundits and media hounds practically salivate over who’s to blame.  Have we gotten that far away... Read more »