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November is for the saints, the faithful departed and to be thankful

I'm not very good at remembering the dead in prayer, but I do remember my father every once in a while.
November is for the saints, the faithful departed and to be thankful.  The church sets aside November 1st for all the saints and November 2 for the commemoration of all the faithful departed. November also hosts Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful for those who are still in our lives and all that we are... Read more »

Why would you want to shop on Thanksgiving Day?

I wrote this last year.  My worst fears have come true!  Many stores are opening Thanksgiving Day. Why would you want to shop on Thanksgiving Day? I have never been a fan of shopping on Black Friday so I can’t imagine shopping on Thanksgiving Day.  I’ve only gone once and that cured me forever.  I... Read more »

What holiday is the world missing?

What holiday is the world missing? It might be Thanksgiving if we’re not careful. Think about it. All the things in the video are things we could do on Thanksgiving with our families and friends instead of shopping. Thanks to Amy Guth, host at WGN Radio and General Manager of the RedEye/Metromix, Tribune Company for... Read more »

The Elephants in the Room During the Holidays

“There were so many elephants in the room, it was crowded!,” my friend said as we chatted about our Thanksgiving day dinners. Family gatherings can be like that even with everyone trying to be on their best behavior.  The Norman Rockwell picture is often a facade, barely hiding the dysfunction that goes on behind the... Read more »

What I Am Thankful for this Thanksgiving

The Catholic Church My husband (who lead me to the Catholic Church) My children (who unknowingly keep me in the Catholic Church) My friends (who support me in my faith) St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church Fr. Francis Li, Pastor of St. Therese Singing every Saturday at the 5 PM Mass at St. Therese Jimmy Greenfield... Read more »

Be Unconventionally Thankful

Be grateful today for the many blessings in your life:  family (no returns anyway!), friends (they make up for the crazy family!), food (even if someone didn’t make it just the way YOU like it) and the roof over your head (even if it might need a few repairs). If you are shopping, please be... Read more »

Thanks and Giving

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I started thinking about the word itself.  Thanks and giving. Thanking someone is usually verbal though you can write a note of gratitude to someone for their thoughtfulness.  You can thank God in prayer.  Giving is more action.  At minimum, you have to open your wallet. So why does this... Read more »

Conspiring to Change the World, One Advent at a Time

I love to shop.  I love to shop for other people and for myself.  I love to be in the store and I love to be online shopping.  Online shopping has been winning in the last few years.  It saves on gas, first and foremost, and sometimes shopping online gives me the opportunity to compare... Read more »

Novena to St. Therese: In Thanksgiving

O Glorious St. Therese of the Child Jesus! Our beloved heavenly patron, our beloved guide. Shower upon this community with abundance of roses. Make this your mission parish. O Patroness of the Missions! That the sweet frangrance of your roses, may bring everyone to know and love, The Divine Child Jesus whom you have loved... Read more »