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Super Bowl Sunday with Scott Hahn

While you are preparing to watch the Super Bowl today, take a few minutes and reflect on today’s readings with Scott Hahn. This is from today’s Magnificat (and so true!): The people who hear Jesus preach in the synagogue are amazed at his gracious words.  Yet they insist on measuring him according to their own sub-par... Read more »

Kids Talk About God - Funny!

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I feel like laughing today.  How about you?  And besides, I HATE football!


Apparently being sick for a few days has left me in the dark on the latest “attack” on the Catholic church.  Doritos. A very nice young man asked me on my Facebook if I was going to address the pulling of the Doritos ad from the Superbowl because it was offensive to Catholics.  Huh?  Google... Read more »