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What I did on my summer vacation

Summer has come to an abrupt halt here in Chicago.  We went from 90 degrees to a low 60 degrees in one day! Now that the cooler weather has arrived, I started to reflect on what I did on my summer vacation.  Besides Touring Chicago’s beautiful churches, here’s what I did this summer: Please join... Read more »

What are you doing this summer?

What are you doing this summer? Are you going on vacation? Are you staying home? Our choir will be on summer hiatus so that only means one thing for my husband and myself: Road trip! Whenever we get the chance, Dan and I like to go to different parishes and see what they are doing... Read more »

Things I Learned on My Summer Vacation

It’s amazing the things I learned on my summer vacation.  Go through the photo gallery to see what I learned in just one week. Please join me and other Catholics (and some not-so-Catholics!) on my Facebook page and on Twitter. Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is... Read more »