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The Commitment of Saint Thomas Aquinas

“We remember Thomas Aquinas most as a high-powered theologian, whose stature we could never equal.  But Aquinas is a saint, not because of his accomplishments, but because he lived a committed Christian life of humble prayer and service.  That we can imitate, no matter what we do for work.” – Bert Ghezzi, Voices of the... Read more »

Annunciation and New Union - St. Thomas Aquinas

The coming of the Savior was necessary, for three reasons:  first, because the world was imperfect in many was; second, because man was cast down from his rightful honor in a foul way; and third, because God was offended by man in a wondrous way.  Therefore, he came in order to grant to the whole... Read more »


“Lord, set my life in order, making me to know what I ought to do and do it in the way that I should.” – St. Thomas Aquinas (1225?-1275) When I have the day off, I try to get my errands done and some household chores accomplished.  When that’s done, my reward might be a... Read more »