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The End of the World, Fr. Pfleger and Where is Charlie Sheen?

We’re still here, Fr. Pfleger has apologized and is back in the pulpit which got me to thinking, “Where is Charlie Sheen?”  He’s been quiet lately. It appears we need the Holy Spirit more then ever: Jesus said to his disciples: “Whoever has my commandments and observes them is the one who loves me. Whoever loves me will... Read more »

Francis Cardinal George Suspends Fr. Pfleger!

In a letter to Fr. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina,  Francis Cardinal George suspended the controversial priest.  Apparently the Cardinal is finally fed up with his wayward priest and is giving him time to think over his actions and his priesthood. In a stunning statement, the Cardinal tells the good father, “If you now formally leave the... Read more »